Portfolio New England™

Artist Porfolio Website

"Space is the breath of art." —Frank Lloyd Wright 

Portfolios are common not just among fine artists but also with graphic artists and others in marketing such as advertising, sales, and public relations.

PNE's design philosophy for its artist portfolio site is one of striking minimalism and balance that is created by the generous use of space that envelops each of the artist's pieces and descriptive text. It is impressive on large screens yet responsive to the smaller screens of smartphones.

While on your website, we want your visitor to feel it is a quiet and unhurried place where all your work can be attentively contemplated. We even limit the number of art pieces that appear in each gallery to 12 to eliminate long scrolls and to insert brief "pause times" for the viewer. We believe these ideas are expressed in the model presented on this site using Lucy Truslow's masterly and extensive work in pastel from which we have borrowed only a small sample.

Though you can add additional 'galleries', we give you 3 to start and a contact page. Any of your pieces can be changed out at any time using our content management system (cms).

Email us if you are interested in a portfolio site like that of Lucy's but tailored to fit you. It is affordable, includes a content management system, hosting, contact page and live support to help you get started.

View Lucy's site on different devices. Notice how well it behaves.